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* Offers Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) special program
** Offers Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) & Gifted Academy special programs
*** Offers Adult Education program



We prepare for our students to have a better year 2021/2022 and as a "Thank You" Julia Lathrop has school supplies for our students!
Thank you to all parents and guardians for being a part of Lathrop Elementary!

Student Must bring:         Facemask 

                                            Tennis Shoes 

                                            Old t-shirt  (for art class) 

                                            Change of clothes (Kindergarten only)

                                             Headphones ( can buy at dollar tree) 

Please refer to the Parent/Student Handbook regarding appropriate dress. Lathrop does not have a uniform. However, we do expect our students to dress appropriately for school.